If you have little to no Microsoft Excel experience or looking for a smooth refresher, then our Microsoft Excel Bootcamp is for you. You will learn the essential basic and intermediate formulas and functions of Microsoft Excel via a Fortune 500 case study.

The bootcamp is divided into 6 courses (see below). Each course will take place over six consecutive Saturdays.

Beginner Microsoft Excel Course I: Basic Mathematical Operations and Cell Referencing

  • Workbooks vs. Worksheets
  • Cell References
  • Formatting
  • Basic Math Operations

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Course II: Vlookup

  • Cell References
  • Vlookup
  • Index & Match

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Course III: Logic Statements

  • Cell References
  • IF Statements
  • Nested IF Statements
  • Error Statements

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Course IV: Aggregate Logic Statements

  • Cell References
  • SUMIF(s)
  • COUNTIF(s)

Formula Recap Courses V and VI: Report Build

In the final course, we will build a corporate report that encompasses all intermediate and advanced formulas and formatting functions learned throughout the course.

During the bootcamp, homework will be assigned through Showbie. Once homework is submitted, students will be issued a Completion Certificate.

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