If you have little to no Microsoft Excel experience or looking for a smooth refresher, then our Microsoft Excel Bootcamp is for you. You will learn the essential basic and intermediate formulas and functions of Microsoft Excel via a Fortune 500 case study.

The bootcamp is divided into 4 courses (see below). Each course will take place over four consecutive weeks (one day each week).

Beginner Microsoft Excel Course I: Basic Mathematical Operations and Cell Referencing

  • Workbooks vs. Worksheets
  • Cell References
  • Formatting
  • Basic Math Operations

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Course II: Vlookup and Index & Match

  • Cell References
  • Vlookup
  • Index & Match

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Course III: Logic Statements

  • Cell References
  • IF Statements
  • Nested IF Statements
  • Error Statements

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Course IV: Aggregate Logic Statements

  • Cell References

During the bootcamp, homework will be assigned through Showbie. Once homework is submitted within the specified deadline, students will be issued a Completion Certificate.

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