Microsoft SQL Server Bootcamp

In our courses, we will query large data sets via Microsoft SQL Server. These courses will cover real-world Fortune 500 SQL Query Examples. This is a true beginner’s course. If…

Microsoft Excel Bootcamp

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Data Analytics Bootcamp

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GREAT class and GREAT teacher! Thank for being well disciplined. That helps a lot!

— M.A.G.

Very informative and thorough.

— R.S.

I really enjoyed the SQL session. This is just what I’ve been seeking – simplified instruction to help me relearn the skill after 17 years from when I initially learnt it in an IT course. Whitney is a great instructor and easy to talk to. She is honest and has a true interest in the success of others.

— R.P.

This course was definitely insightful and the knowledge that was passed around is something to keep. Whitney was not only helpful but also a bit of a cheerleader for us who are transitioning into becoming a business analyst. She was detailed and honest, I highly recommend.


The instructors do a great job connecting with the students in the class.

— D.G.