Want to become a Fortune 500 analyst but need to know how to properly analyze data within Microsoft Excel and Tableau? Then, this is the class for you! This is a very detailed analysis course in which you will work on completing a simulated project via a real world Fortune 500 case study. Within this course, students will work in groups of 2 in order complete the analysis of the simulated project.

Big Data Analysis Bootcamp Goals:

  • Analyze a big data set within Microsoft Excel
  • Utilize Pivot Tables via Microsoft Excel in order to analyze data
  • Filter and Sort Data within Microsoft Excel
  • Perform and utilize proper mathematical operations and intermediate Excel formulas and functions in order to identify key drivers
  • Create, utilize, and select the best visualization aids to help identify top trends in data (line graphs, combo charts, pie graphs)
  • Summarize and present analysis findings

After the bootcamp, homework will be assigned through Showbie and students will be assigned a Completion Certificate.