Are you wanting to become an entry level or junior analyst? If so, this is the Bootcamp of your dreams!

This Bootcamp is best for students who are looking to learn what it takes to be a true analyst from the ground up. Want to ace some of the common fielded questions involving SQL and Excel in job interviews and assessments? Want to know what to expect the first week on the job? If so, this is the Bootcamp for you. It is a 5-part, 14 course Bootcamp walking through the entire steps of data analysis. This Bootcamp will prep you to really gear up for the day to of an analyst.

In the analysis world, you will hear a popular phrase: “The devil’s in the details!”. This Bootcamp will have students digging into the details to tell the story of their analysis through the most common tools of analytics, SQL + Excel.

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This Bootcamp is designed for students who are completely new to SQL, Excel, or both. It serves as a primer to the introduction of SQL and intermediate formulas in Microsoft Excel. If you would like a high level, hands on overview on how to use the tools of data analytics, then this is the Bootcamp for you!

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PC Laptops Required