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Is your team in current need of data reporting? Maybe you need advanced Excel reports, some really cool dashboards using Tableau or Power BI, or user friendly web application reports. Then, our team is here to the rescue. 

As you know, all companies have data, but not all companies know how to properly tell their data story or utilize their valuable data. Our team use many data tools to help you easily digest the stories within your data via user friendly reports. We provide affordable solutions to your data reporting needs.

Why us?


Over 10 + years of Fortune 500 experience

More affordable vs. hiring

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A designated report writer (consultant) will perform discovery. This will include reviewing your data and mapping out your true data needs.


Our team will generate an invoice for the required hours needed to create and provide desired reports. Here, we will inform you whether your reporting needs will result in a one time project fee vs. monthly retainer.


Project contract will be delivered, which will include payment terms and project details.


Once the contract is signed, we will begin working on your reporting! 



Available reporting services


Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel


Power BI + Tableau


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