Interested in learning more skills to add to your resume but don’t see the bootcamp that best suits your needs. Don’t fret! We have monthly pop-up classes where we offer new classes that are not usually offered in our regular 4 – 10 weeks bootcamp. The pop-up classes are 2 weeks max and varies by month in terms of topics covered. The courses will vary among different data and business analysis skills used in the corporate world.

Power BI Beginner and Intermediate Bootcamp

Want to learn how to visualize data? Tired of those old tired charts and graphs in Excel? Become the cool kid on the block with the newest trend in data….. data visualization. Learn how to tell the story of your analysis with a data visualization tool. One of the most popular data visualization tool is Power BI. Power BI enables you to quickly visualize your data at a click of a button. Come to our Power BI pop up to learn more!

Course Dates: Sunday, January 27th 2p – 5p and Sunday, Februrary 10th 2p – 5p

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• Understand Power BI Desktop and its components
• Connect to multiple data sources using Query Editor
• Utilization of the Data Model feature
• Creation of calculated columns and measures
• Build relationships between different tables
• Creation of over 20 visualizations for a KPI(Key Performance Indicators) dashboard
• Power BI Service vs. Power BI Desktop

Microsoft Excel – Macros for Beginners

Doing the same tasks over and over in Excel? Want to shed some minutes off of your Monday or hours off your work week? Then, macros in Excel will hep automate a lot of repetition. Learning macros can make you more efficient and allow for you to optimize your time in Excel!

Course Dates: Sunday, January 20th 1p – 5p 

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• Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
• Create Macro buttons
• Create Macro shortcuts
• Relative vs. Absolute Referencing using Macros
• Automation of over 25 tasks

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