Power BI Beginner and Intermediate Bootcamp (In Person ATL)

Course Dates: Sunday, January 27th 2p – 5p and Sunday, Februrary 10th 2p – 5p

*Power BI Desktop will be used for the course (download needed prior to the start of class)

• Understand Power BI Desktop and its components
• Connect to multiple data sources using Query Editor
• Utilization of the Data Model feature
• Creation of calculated columns and measures
• Build relationships between different tables
• Creation of over 20 visualizations for a KPI(Key Performance Indicators) dashboard
• Power BI Service vs. Power BI Desktop

**If you have taken the Data Analytics Bootcamp, the material covered in this PowerBI bootcamp is more in depth compared to the course include in the Data Analytics Bootcamp

***PC Laptops required

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Microsoft Excel - Macros for Beginners (In Person ATL)

Course Dates: Sunday, January 20th 1p – 5p 

• Excel Keyboard Shortcuts to help navigate through Macros
• Create Macro buttons
• Create Macro shortcuts
• Relative vs. Absolute Referencing using Macros
• Automation of over 25 tasks

*PC Laptops and Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer required

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