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Photo by megainarmy/iStock / Getty Images

Microsoft SQL Server

Learn one of the most valuable skills in corporate America, Structured Query Language (SQL)! In this course, we will query large data sets via Microsoft SQL Server. This course will cover real world Fortune 500 SQL Query Examples. This is a true beginner's course. If you have little to no SQL experience or looking for a smooth refresher, then this course is for you. 

Course I

 Utilizing the SELECT, FROM, and WHERE Statements

  • Retrieve Data from a Single Table
  • SELECT, FROM, and WHERE Statement
  • FROM
  • DISTINCT vs. Duplicate Records
  • Sorting data with ORDER BY
  • Inclusion/Exclusion Functions
  • Text vs. Numbers
  • Wildcards

Course II

 Aggregate Functions and Mathematical Operations

  • Aggregate Functions
  • Group By
  • Having
  • Grand Totals
  • Mathematical Operations
  • Cast
  • Case Statements

Intermediate SQL

  • Unions
  • Joins
  • Subqueries
  • Microsoft Excel Connection

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