Be competitive and add our analytics program to your STEM curriculum for your high school students!

Data is the world’s largest commodity. Because data plays such a huge part in our every day life, there is a high demand for data wranglers. That is where analytics comes in. In schools across the country, most or all STEM programs include coding or robotics, but analytics embedded within these programs is pretty much nonexistent. Our team of Fortune 500 analysts know first hand that there is a critical need for not just coders, but coders who can properly analyze data and deliver results to business leaders in a digestible manner.

Coding vs. Data Analytics

Those who enter the field of data analytics are in high demand because coders just know how to code. Coding excludes the business side of data. That’s where data analytics comes in. Analytics is the core starting part of understanding and storytelling data in business. Data needs to be extracted, modeled, reported, visualized, and analyzed to properly tell a cohesive story. This process is better known as ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load). Our programs will teach students to not just code data but to analyze data yielding effective business key performance indicator metrics (KPIs), which are needed to help companies drive forward thinking strategic decisions. Our team will be able to accomplish this with your students via SQL, SSRS (Web Application), Microsoft Excel, and Power BI (Data Visualization).

Coding + Business = Data Analytics


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So how does this work?


Choose us as your analytics program provider


Our team will come out to the school to install all required software on designated laptops


Students will learn data analytics over the next 12 weeks for 2 – 3 hours each week in the following areas: Coding, Web application reporting, business metrics (KPI), Microsoft Excel, and data visualization


We will create LinkedIn profiles for all students, which will list their experience in the Analytics program. This will highlight the skills they have learned, which can lead to potential internships.

Why us?

Local and Insured

Over 5,000 students taught

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Peek into what students will learn…..




In every aspect of our lives, data is accumulated. From online purchases to watching YouTube, data is collected. This data is then stored in a database (think of it as a house for data). In order to make strategic business decisions, business managers need this data from the database. That’s where SQL (Structured Query Language) comes in. To kick off the program, students will learn how to code and query data from SQL. Students will extract data from a database via writing beginner to advanced query code.


After learning how to code query in SQL, students will then create web based reports that will integrate the query code into web based applications that end users will be able to use in report form via SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). If a VP or CEO needs a supply chain or finance report, then the web application report will be a user friendly version to digest the query code.

Microsoft Excel

Students will extract data into an Excel format. In this final portion of the program, students will learn how to write complex formulas in one of the most used tools in corporate America.

Power BI

Students will integrate data visualization (interactive charts and graphs) within the SSRS web application reports. They will be able to create really cool and dynamic charts and graphs that will be user friendly.



The program is $4,995 per 15 students per semester. Every additional 5 students is $995. This investment will cover 12 weeks of teaching. 50% of the payment is due at the signing of the initial contract. The remaining 50% will be due by the first session date.