I would love to sign up for one of your bootcamps, but what if I need to miss a class?

Students can miss a max of 2 classes. Students are required to make up any missed classes. If more than 2 classes are missed, students will be withdrawn from the bootcamp and will not be issued a refund.

If you are registered for an online bootcamp, you will not be able to schedule a makeup session. You will have access to the course recordings that can be viewed online and self paced.

I have paid for a bootcamp but am now unable to attend. What now?

If you have paid for a bootcamp but are no longer able to attend the scheduled bootcamp, then you can transfer your bootcamp registration to the next bootcamp that starts within 30 days. If you are not able to attend the next bootcamp within 30 days, you will have to pay full price and register for an upcoming bootcamp. You will not be refunded for the original bootcamp purchase.

While I am in the bootcamp, am I able to have the instructor assist me with a work project or interview questions pre-class or post-class?

As much as we love our students, we wish we could help them with all career related projects. Unfortunately, if you need additional assistance for work projects or interview questions, you will need to book a one on one session with one of our skilled instructors. One on One sessions are $50/hr.

The bootcamp was awesome! But, I still feel I haven’t quite grasped the concepts as well as I would like. Am I able to retake the bootcamp?

We strive for all students to learn all topics covered in bootcamps from start to finish by the end of the bootcamp. But, hey! We get it….sometimes things just don’t click as fast as we’d like. You are able to register for a retake of your original registered bootcamp. You must retake the bootcamp within 60 days of your original enrollment date.

*Retakes aren’t allowed for Data Analytics Bootcamp

I have paid and registered for a bootcamp but haven’t received a confirmation email with course materials. When should I expect to receive this email?

If you have purchased your bootcamp registration between Monday – Friday from 8A- 5P, then you will receive your registration confirmation email by 8PM EST. If you have purchased your bootcamp registration outside of those hours, then you will receive your registration confirmation email by 8PM EST on the next business day. Business hours are Monday – Friday from 8A – 5P.

Will you have loaner laptops?

Loaner laptops are available for $10 for each rental day.

After I complete the bootcamp, will I be able to secure a job using the skills covered in the bootcamp?

We do not guarantee job placement. Yet, after taking our bootcamps, we have had students interview and successfully secure roles at Coca Cola, Goldman Sachs, Home Depot, Ernst & Young, Office Depot Corporate, Comcast, Suntrust, and the list goes on. It is up to you as a student to work hard, review course material, do homework exercises, and come to class prepared in order to succeed and become diligent in using the skills taught in our course.

When will I receive my Certificate of Completion?

Students receive their certificate of completion 72 hours after the homework submission deadline. All homework must be completed and submitted via Showbie in order for a certificate of completion to be issued.

What is the minimum and maximum class size?

The minimum class size is 3 students and the maximum class size is 10 students. If there are less than 3 students that register for a bootcamp, the bootcamp will be cancelled. You will receive a refund or be transferred to the next bootcamp.