Microsoft Excel VBA Intermediate Masterclass Online Bootcamp

Take your macros + VBA skills to the next level and automate your next Excel report with programming!

This Bootcamp is live and instructor led
Price $79
What the heck is VBA + Macros?
Don't you wish you could automate some of the same monotonous tasks in Excel? This could save you hours of your time at work. Well, let us introduce macros to you! Macros are Excel's version of quick shortcuts you can create to automate repetitive tasks, while VBA is the code behind the macro shortcuts. Sounds intimidating? Don't worry, we got you!
The prerequisite for this bootcamp includes comfortable knowledge in the following topics: Vlookups, if statements, formatting, basic mathematical operations, and sumifs/countifs/averageifs, recording macros, macro shortcuts, and VBA variables.


Course Schedule
Course Dates: January 24th + January 25th, 2022
Days of the week: Monday + Tuesday
Time (EST): 700p - 930p EST

Part 1: Logical Statements + Looping

Monday, January 24th | 7:00p - 9:30p

  • IF Statements
  • Loop statements

Part 2: Text, Dates, and File Names

Tuesday, January 25th | 7:00p - 9:30p

  • Dynamic file names
  • Using dates in file names and logical statements
  • Parsing text to extract words from string


Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer required for PC and Mac Laptops 
Course materials (including installation guides), access codes, and reminders will be sent 7 days prior to the start of the first course of the Bootcamp.



What's Included:
Certificate of Completion


Refund Policy: No refunds and/or transfers