SQL Masterclass (Beginner to Advanced) Online Bootcamp

Learn beginner to advanced SQL functions in this Masterclass!

This Bootcamp is live and instructor led
Price $299
What the heck is SQL?
Think about all of the data that a company collects and has access to. Ever wonder how that data gets used? With the use of SQL, analysts are able to extract this data and analyze it in every way possible. The analysis, derived from data using SQL, can help drive strategic business decisions.
This Bootcamp is best for those with little to no SQL experience and would like to prep for any role that uses beginner to intermediate level SQL. All students will have three hours of prerequisite material provided prior to the start of class to help prep them for the first day of the Bootcamp. In this Bootcamp, we will use Oracle MySQL as our SQL software for class use.

Course Schedule
Course Dates: April 26th - May 26th
Days of the week: Weeknights (Mondays - Wednesdays)
Time (EST): 600p - 900p EST

Course 1: Extracting, Sorting, and Filtering 

Monday, April 26th | 6:00p - 9:00p

  • Review of databases, data types, and table files
  • Sorting data
  • Retrieve Data from a Single Table

Course 2: Calculating, Aggregating, and Grouping

Tuesday, April 27th | 6:00p - 9:00p

  • Calculate formulas using mathematical operations and aggregate functions
  • Summarizing data using GROUP BY function

Course 3: Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables 

Wednesday, April 28th | 6:00p - 9:00p

  • Extract data from multiple tables at once using joins

Course 4: Join Types

Tuesday, May 18th | 6:00p – 9:00p

  • Overview of various join types
    • Full
    • Inner
    • Left
    • Right

Course 5: Subqueries

Wednesday, May 19th | 6:00p – 9:00p

  • Write queries within a query inside of the select statement
  • Learn how to create a table by writing a query in your From statement

Course 6: Text + Date Functions + Totals 

Tuesday, May 25th | 6:00p – 9:00p

  • Utilization of various text and date functions
    • Text location functions
    • Date interval functions
    • Perform subtotals and grand totals within data

Course 7: Case Statements and IIF Statements

Wednesday, May 26th | 6:00p – 9:00p

  • Write if/then statements based on certain conditions using the CASE function
  • Write if/then statements based on certain conditions using the IIF function



Course materials (including installation guides), access codes, and reminders will be sent 7 days prior to the start of the first course of the Bootcamp.


What's Included:

Certificate of Completion
You will receive a certificate of completion upon individual completion and submission of all homework assignments and portfolio by the specified deadline.




Refund Policy: No refunds and/or transfers