SQL Analytics Functions Online Workshop

Learn advanced functions to help you analyze your data inside of SQL

This workshop is live and instructor led
Price $39
What the heck is covered in this workshop?
Do you have SQL experience? Ever wanted to actually analyze data INSIDE of SQL? Well, want no more! This workshop covers functions that will allow you to analyze data in SQL by writing queries using window analytics functions. This workshop will teach you how to rank data and ID top and low performers. This is a great workshop for data and business analysts!
In this Bootcamp, we will use MySQL as our SQL software for class use. Prerequisite: Beginner + Intermediate SQL knowledge (Select + From, Where Statements, Order By, Aggregate Functions, Group By, and Joins).

Course Schedule

Course Date: May 17th

Day of the week: Monday

Time (EST): 600p - 900p EST

Part 1: Over + Partition By

Part 2: Ranking

Part 3: Nth Value

Part 4: Aggregates + Window Functions


Course materials (including installation guides), access codes, and reminders will be sent 7 days prior to the start of the first course of the Bootcamp.


What's Included:

Certificate of Completion
You will receive a certificate of completion upon submission of all homework assignments and portfolio by the specified deadline.




Refund Policy: No Refunds