SQL Advanced Bootcamp - Self Paced

In this Self Paced Bootcamp, take your SQL skills to the next level with this Advanced course.

Release Date: November 30th 
File:Icon-round-Question mark.svgWhat is SQL?
Think about all of the data that a company collects and has access to. Ever wonder how that data gets used? With the use of SQL, analysts are able to extract this data and analyze it in every way possible. The analysis, derived from data using SQL, can help drive strategic business decisions. 
This Bootcamp is best for those with previous SQL experience and have previously completed our SQL Beginner + Intermediate Bootcamp or Data Analytics Bootcamp. 
File:Icon-round-Question mark.svgHow Does This Bootcamp Differ from taking the live SQL Bootcamp?
This Bootcamp is just like the live Bootcamp. The only difference between the two is this Bootcamp you can partake in at any point. You don't have to abide by a schedule. You can just watch and submit homework at your own leisure. Our instructors will check homework once a week and provide feedback, unlike our practice content course packages. Stuck on any exercises, our instructors will be available via Slack + Showbie to answer any questions you may have (allow at 72 business hour response time). At the end of it all, you will receive a certificate of completion.


Course 1: Join Types (Part 1)

  • Overview of various join types
    • Full
    • Inner

Course 2: Join Types (Part 2)

  • Overview of various join types
    • Left
    • Right

Course 3: Subqueries - Select Statement

  • Write queries within a query inside of the select statement

Course 4: Subqueries - From Statement

  • Learn how to create a table by writing a query in your From statement

Course 5: Text + Date Functions + Totals

  • Utilization of various text and date functions
    • Text location functions
    • Date interval functions
    • Perform subtotals and grand totals within data

Course 6: If Statements

  • Write if/then statements based on certain conditions

Course 7: Subqueries 2.0 (Part 1)

  • Learn how to write subqueries within subqueries within subqueries...sounds fun, right?!

Course 8: Subqueries 2.0 (Part 2)

  • Learn how to write more subqueries within subqueries within subqueries...sounds fun, right?!



What's Included:

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We will create a portfolio of your completed projects and assignments of all coursework from class as well as provide an instruction guide on how to add the portfolio to your LinkedIn account. Portfolios come in great handy when interviewing for roles that require the technical skills in which you will learn in class.

Certificate of Completion

You will receive a certificate of completion upon submission of all homework assignments and portfolio by the specified deadline.



Refund Policy: No Refunds


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