Power BI Beginner Online Bootcamp

Learn to visualize data with cool interactive charts + graphs using Power BI

All courses are online and 1:1 instructor led, leading to a more dedicated learning experience for you!
Total hours: 5 hours @ $49/hr
What is this thing called Power BI?
Power BI allows for you to take large amounts of data and transform the data to tell a story using dynamic charts and graphs called dashboards. You are able to quickly and easily tell your data's story with the visualization of your data. This will help your team make strategic business decisions all derived from creativity within your data.
Who will benefit from this Bootcamp?
This Bootcamp is best for those with little to no Power BI experience and would like to learn how to visualize large amounts in data in interactive charts + graphs. PC laptops only. MACs are not compatible with Power BI.


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Course Information
Classroom Style: Virtual - live classroom setting 
Type: 1:1 training
Time (EST): One hour time slots available between M - Th 10a - 7p EST 

Data Visualization Introduction + Importing

Self paced in pre-recorded video 

What's Covered:

  • Data Import Options
  • Transforming data
    • Calculated fields
    • Formatting
    • Column merges
  • Creation of visualizations using different charts and graphs
    • Basic charts + graphs
  • Filter data in visualizations
    • Top/bottom
    • Advanced filtering
    • Pages
  • Themes


Course materials (including installation guides), access codes, and reminders will be sent 7 days prior to the start of the first course of the Bootcamp.
PC laptops only. MACs are not compatible with Power BI.


What's Included:

Certificate of Completion
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