Freelance Academy

Learn how to monetize your data skills into a money making side hustle!

Investment: One time payment of $499
What is the Freelance Academy?
Are you looking to turn your data skills into freelancing gigs or a sustainable five to six figure income stream? Well, our Freelance Academy is your how - to source to help you do just that! So, you have the data skills, but you need a clear and concise guide on how to monetize your data sills. Do you have data skills, but you don't know which ones to use to help you launch into freelance gigs? No worries, our one on one sessions and skills assessment will help determine which skills will be your best to monetize.
In our Academy, we will conduct six 30 minute one on one sessions with our freelance consultant who will guide you through the journey of successfully monetizing your data skills.

Walk me through the process......

Within 48 hours of registering for the Freelance Academy, you will receive a link to book your first session. You can book your first session whenever you are ready, whether it's 2 days after registering or 6 months. Remember, you will receive six 30 - minute one on one session that can be booked whenever you are ready! The sessions will cover the following:

  1. Skills assessment

This session will allow your freelance consultant to be able to assess which skills will be the best to monetize based on experience and skill level. You will need to present your resume during this initial session as this will help your consultant guide you to your most attractive skills based on experience and work history.

2. Portfolio Guidance

In this session, your freelance consultant will discuss creating and adding work to your freelance portfolio. Your consultant will ensure you create and choose at least five samples to add to your portfolio.

3. LinkedIn Review

In this session, your freelance consultant will review your LinkedIn profile and provide suggestions to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract future clients. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, your consultant will educate you on how to get started.

4. Elevator Pitch

In this session, you and your consultant will craft the message you will use to reach out to your future clients. 

5. Client Sourcing

In this session, your consultant will train you on how to find clients via various channels. This session will be one hour as opposed to 30 minutes.

6. Money Talk

In this session, your consultant will discuss the following:

  • Business registration
  • Taxes
  • NDA
  • Rates

After this session, we strongly advise you to talk with your tax professional for final guidance on your choice of business organization.


Please note that the Academy will not provide you with clients. We will educate you on successful actions utilized by our members and freelance consultants to attain paying clients.


Refund Policy: No Refunds

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