Data Science: R + SQL Workshop

Get your feet wet with Data Science with using R and SQL to extract and analyze data!

This Bootcamp is live and instructor led
Price $249
What is covered in this Bootcamp?
Think about all of the data that a company collects and has access to. Now, you as the analyst, has to analyze that data. That is where R comes in. R allows for you to statistically make sense of data and help you identify patterns and tell a story from your data. R is the most popular language in the world of Data Science, and we are here to help you learn the basics of using this tool! We will also use SQL to write queries to extract data inside of R.
This Bootcamp is best for those with little to no R experience and would like to prep for any role that uses beginner to intermediate level R and to grasp a sound foundation of data science. In this workshop, we will use R Studio, Tidyverse, and SQL Server/MySQL for class use. Prerequisite: Intermediate SQL knowledge of the following topics: Joins, Group By, Aggregate Functions, Where, and Calculated Fields

Instructor: Andrea Smith

Course Schedule
Course Dates: Part 1: July 13th + July 14th Part 2: August 7th + August 8th
Days of the week: Part 1: Tuesday + Wednesday, Part 2: Saturday + Sunday
Time (EST): 600p - 900p EST

Part 1: Getting Started

Tuesday, July 13th | 6:00p - 9:00p

  • Review R Studio IDE
  • Basics of R, types of variables, operations, and loops
  • Data structures, lists, vectors, dataframes, matrix tibbles

Part 2: Data Transformation + Visualization

Wednesday, July 14th | 6:00p - 9:00p

  • Data Transformation with dplyr package
  • Introduction to visualizing with ggplot2 package

Part 3: SQL Plugin

Saturday, August 7th | 10:00a - 1:00p

  • Learn how to set up code for SQL Plugin
  • Obtain data and run queries in R
  • Automate tasks with functions

Part 4: R Shiny

Sunday, August 8th | 10:00a - 1:00p

  • Building blocks of an R Shiny application (ui, server)


Course materials (including installation guides), access codes, and reminders will be sent 7 days prior to the start of the first course of the Bootcamp.



What's Included:
Certificate of Completion


Refund Policy: No refunds and/or transfers