Business + Financial Analyst Self Paced Bootcamp

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Interested in knowing the day to day of a business or financial analyst, want to become a business or financial analyst or want to sharpen your skills as a business or financial analyst? Then, this is THE Bootcamp for you. This Bootcamp walks you through the day to day of a functional business analyst and financial analyst. A functional business analyst analyzes trends in the business and provide long and short term strategic recommendations. 
How does this differ from data analytics? 
Data Analytics focus on various analytics tools to showcase business trends, while business and financials analysts are their managers right hand with providing detailed analysis on the health and state of the business. Business and financial analysts have a more well rounded 360 degree view of the business and provide strategic recommendations based on their detailed analysis. Business and financial analysts serve as the heart of the business.


Prerequisites: Microsoft Excel beginner knowledge such as formatting, data entry, and basic math operations.

Release Date: February 28th, 2021



Course 1: Overview of business analysts

  • What do business analysts do?
  • What skills are required for BA roles?
  • Overview of BA resume

Course 2: Building corporate reports 

  • More formatting
  • More data grouping

Course 3: Business Metrics

  • Learn essential business metrics needed to analyze business reports

Course 4: Profit + Loss Statements Analysis

  • Analyze year over year profit and loss statements

Course 5: Exporting Financial Statements Data

  • Export P + L statement data into corporate report template built in Excel

Course 6: Manipulating Data

  • Addition of business metrics formulas to corporate report template

Course 7: Strategy and Recommendations

  • Review data and identify strategic recommendations based on key findings

Course 8: Powerpoint Templates (Part 1)

  • Review of corporate PPT templates

Course 9: Powerpoint Templates (Part 2)

  • Compile PPT presentation with key analysis findings and strategic recommendations



Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer required for PC and Mac Laptops 


What's Included:

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We will create a portfolio of your completed projects and assignments of all coursework from class as well as provide an instruction guide on how to add the portfolio to your LinkedIn account. Portfolios come in great handy when interviewing for roles that require the technical skills in which you will learn in class.

Certificate of Completion

You will receive a certificate of completion upon submission of all homework assignments and portfolio by the specified deadline.



Refund Policy: No Refunds